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The first successful corneal replacement treatment using biomimetic technology from CorNeat Vision.

If the eyes are the window to our soul then Corneat KPro is the welcome mat of the soul. Corneat KPro is an artificial cornea developed by an Israeli startup company. The artificial cornea was designed as a synthetic non-degradable nanofabric skirt and is surgically placed on the impaired eye. The company claims that the implant was developed to replace damaged corneas to help restore the patient’s eyesight.

According to, “In 2020, CorNeat Vision was granted approval to move forward with clinical trials of the artificial cornea on 10 patients who had corneal blindness.” Innovative company like Corneat Vision is promising medium to help patients with corneal diseases. The company reports that their technology and implants aid in faster recovery, 100% synthetic (does not rely on harvesting any tissues, and does not carry diseases.

Recently, a successful procedure to replace a vision impaired patient with a damaged cornea with the use of the Corneat Pro was achieved by Dr. Irit Bahar from Rabin Medical Center in Israel. The procedure yielded positive response from the patient being able to read and recognize faces. Due to this promising result, the company is motivated to move forward with further clinical studies and implants in different countries.

The field of biomimetics provides encouraging treatments for many patients with critical tissue impairments. With the paucity of specialized tissues and donors, artificial tissues are a viable replacement for lack of tissue resources. Many may question the underlying ethical issues of using artificial tissues but its aim to solve and help people , such as with vision loss, shouldn’t be overlooked.

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